ZID offers solutions to government entities, corporate establishments, consultants and individuals. We are great believers and are especially passionate in the importance of the Scientific Research sector and believe it to be the main driver and most important of the industries in any society.


The success of any organization relies on its people. Individuals are the key element of any entity however small or large. Our priority is to improve their output by providing them with our full logistic and technological support in applying multiple services and consulting solutions in the most convenient and user-friendly manner. Our unique system technology will enable your staff to handle their own tracking and tracing of your products and services, it will also provide them with the full knowledge of your raw materials, their quality, manufacturing location, product supply chain history – everything to improve meeting your goals and achieving your mission through each member of your staff.


Existing and new enterprises are the backbone of any economy. Their main goal is to increase market share through the development, innovation and improvement of their products and services to ensure their lasting success. By implementation of the unique, one of a kind business solutions and services we offer and our support, these companies will always succeed in achieving their goals through our tools in a quick, effective and pleasant manner. Our systems will provide them with those tools and platforms with convenient and easy to use UI across all operating systems and devices.


Platforms that serve the government sector act as a “central nervous system” that supports and facilitates services and solutions to private corporations and citizens. These platforms are what allow services to run smoothly and at a level that equips society to maintain its highest levels. That is the main reason behind our concern and vision in building the smartest, most efficient and effective platforms to offer the highest variety of services needed and exceed that need. One of our most essential strategic objectives are to eliminate the gap between government entities and corporations of all kinds and sizes through systems that will link all stakeholders in one single rich environment that will provide integrated services of the highest value.


ZID’s wide network of experienced consultants are always available to manage your services through specialized platforms by continuous high level efficient development and management. We have strong partnerships with a wide number of high level advisory offices and related companies that will also assist us in providing, developing and managing your and their services through our specialized platforms.

Scientific Research

This sector is one of the main and probably most important sector controlling the movement and success of any society. We concentrate on Scientific Research to move it forward on an ongoing basis. Through our “Research & Development” platform, we have bridged the gap between this and the industrial sectors for the healthy development of society. Science is critical to the forward movement of industries worldwide. Scientific Research students, researchers and centers use our platform to integrate and innovate in the industrial sector especially. While companies communicate through the platform with researchers (individuals and entities) to carry out its requirements and find incredible solutions using scientific research through a mutually convenient arrangement and environment. Our platform maximizes this potential.