We have created professional service for our customers.

ZID is becoming a leader in creating stunning business solutions through its highly qualified staff and state of the art technologies in the developing of the most intelligent platforms and applications that ease and perfect integration of relationship management (B2B & B2C) by using cloud computing, IoT, blockchain and other revolutionary and innovative technologies. We are dedicated in providing the perfect business solutions to suit your organizational needs to compete and excel in your particular sector, while constantly working on innovating new concepts to always provide you with that edge you strive for to continuous success and achievement of your corporate goals.

Our Vision

To become the leader in developing the most innovative and revolutionary business solutions with the highest standards possible through cutting edge technologies and our dedicated and experienced staff.

Our Mission

Reinvent the way businesses are run, developed, and sustainable through the latest technology.


  1. Innovation
  2. Quality
  3. Integrity
  4. Passion
  5. Client Satisfaction
  6. Building Relationships


  • Full and continuous client support and service
  • Highest levels of services, solutions and products
  • Best relationship management possible
  • Continuous research & development to enhance our products and services
  • Always striving to provide the most innovative & valuable products by
    implementing our expertise from the start
  • Achieving optimal client satisfaction
  • Positively influencing your business and in turn; procedures, service, products
    and increase in market share